Lumme libraries

Lumme Libraries is a co-operation network between 8 municipalities in Southern Savo Region. There are about 25 branch libraries in the area and three library mobiles. Lumme Libraries share a common database that can be used to search for material and place reservations. A regular transportation network functions between the Lumme Libraries. The co-operation provides for:

  • shared library card.
  • shared library card
  • shared library collection.
  • shared online library.
  • free-of-charge material transportation
  • shared e-materials

Practically this means that you can use all Lumme Libraries with the same library card. If the material you desire is in another Lumme Library's collection, you can order it to be delivered to your own local library free of charge.

You can return all the material you have borrowed to any Lumme Library. As a Lumme Library customer, you have the whole region's collection available.

Library card

To receive a library card, a new customer must give their name and address and prove their identity. Guardian's consent is required from children under 15 years of age. The first library card is free of charge. The card is valid in all Lumme libraries.

The library card is personal. You cannot borrow materials without a library card. You are responsible for any materials borrowed with your card and for any materials borrowed with the card of a child under 15 years of age, if you have been marked as the child's guardian.

If your card is lost, inform the library immediately. You can get a new card by proving your identity with a photo ID card. The new card costs two euros.

Customer registration (pdf). You can print out the form in advance, or fill out the form in library.

Loan periods

The normal loan period is 28 days with the exception of: new and high-demand materials 14 days, reserved materials 14 days, magazines 14 days. After borrowing, you get a receipt showing all borrowed items and their due dates. The receipt also shows the amount of any accrued fees. Check the returning date from your receipt.

Limitations to the number of borrowed items

You can have a maximum of 100 items borrowed at a time, of which a maximum of: 20 DVDs, 20 Blu-ray-discs and 5 console games.

Renewing loans

You can renew loans in our online libray. You can also renew loans by calling the library where you borrowed the materials. To renew loans in the online library, you need a PIN code which you can get from the library. For data security reasons, we do not give out the PIN code by phone or e-mail. If you wish to renew your loans more than eight times in a row, you must go to the library to show the materials.

Due date reminder system

Upon request, you can receive due date reminders of your loans to your e-mail 1 to 7 days before the due date (you can choose the timing). However, failed reminders due to technical problems do not relieve you from any overdue fees.

Returning materials and overdue fees

You can return materials borrowed from Lumme libraries to any of the Lumme libraries. If the materials are not returned on time, you are liable to pay overdue fees. The fee amounts to 30 cents per loan per day and it starts accruing immediately after the due date. No overdue fees are collected for materials from the children's departments; there is only a reminder fee (1 euro).

Any materials returned outside library opening hours are processed on the next opening day of the library. Any materials that are overdue and returned outside opening hours accrue overdue fees according to the library payment policy during the closing time. Returning materials through the return hatch is at the customer's own risk. Any unreserved materials can be renewed in the Lumme online library, by phone or by visiting the library. You need a library card number and a PIN code to renew loans in the online service.


You can reserve materials yourself in the online library if you have a Lumme library card and a PIN code for the online library. You cannot make reservations online if you have suspended borrowing privileges, over 10 euros of debt, a "check identity" notification in your personal file, or if an invoice has been sent to you. You can also reserve materials by phone or by visiting the library.

Notification of arrival

You will be notified by e-mail or text message, according to your choice, when the reserved materials have arrived. We will keep the materials reserved for you for 7 working days. There is no reservation fee but unretrieved reservations are subject to a fee of EUR 1.00 per item. The reservation can be cancelled in the online library, unless it has already been processed and on the way or retrievable. If the order has already been processed, you can cancel it by contacting the library chosen as the point of retrieval.

Changed address

Always keep your contact information up to date. The library's customer register is not automatically updated from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You can change your address in the online library or also by visiting your library.